Success Stories

Passed my test 1st time thanks to Jo in The Pass Lane helped me learn to drive and passed with only 3 driving faults will be forwarding Jo on to everyone that needs to learn to drive thanks again Jo

Carlum, who passed in March 2015

James, who passed in January 2015

Jo gave me the confidence needed to pass - she is not like any other instructor and there have been a few! She knows how to put you at ease and is so patient if when you get it wrong. Thanks Jo you are a star x

Rebecca, who passed in November 2014

I can't believe I actually passed and first time and thank you so much jo for teaching xx

Chelsea, who passed in October 2014

After a bad experience previously learning to drive I never thought I would actually pass. After someone recommended thr pass lane I thought I wpuld give it another try. Jo really made me feel at ease which allowed me to enjoy my lessons. Jo always looked at the positives and what I was best at rather than putting you down when you make a little mistake. Thank you so much for everything no more waiting for trains wooooohoooo

Carri, who passed in September 2014

Thank you Jo making me feel relaxed about driving when I started out so nervous. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone as every lesson was a laugh and even on days I wasn't in the mood I could snap out of it straight away. I loved every minute of learning to drive and thank you for believing in me.

Charlotte, who passed in July 2014

I was so nervous to start learning to drive but Jo made me feel really comfortable. She always made me feel relaxed and was very patient, we always had loads to talk about and she's so funny. I feel like such a confident driver now. Thank you Jo!

Julia, who passed in July 2014

Thank you Jo! You have been extremely patient with me especially as I was so nervous to start driving. Every lesson so much fun I will miss having them! I always came away feeling I had improved. It was a help to be able to have flexible hours around work etc. I can't thank you enough for all the support and encouragement all the way through.

Ellie, who passed in April 2014

Thanks for getting me through my test Jo, your comedy and calm approach to teaching helped me forget my nerves the whole way through. After every lesson I came away feeling like I had achieved something new. I will always recommend you in the future.

Anthony, who passed in February 2014

I was so nervous about learning to drive. But as soon as I got in the car with Jo, her bubbly, friendly, happy attitude helped me straight away to feel at ease. She was constantly supportive and showed great confidence in my driving which really helped with my learning. I highly recommened the Pass Lane to anyone wanting to learn to drive!

Kiri, who passed in April 2013

Thank You Jo for all your help. I've really learnt a lot - you really are a great instructor and I couldn't have done it without you. To any potential learners reading this looking for an instructor, I say "your search is over for you have found the best one around and she's just a text/phone call/email away"

Izzie, who passed in March 2013

"You are a very good teacher. Thank you for everything."

Marzena, who passed in March 2013

Michael, who passed in March 2013

"I would just like to thank Jo for everything she has done for me! You are an amazing teacher and after having 2 other driving instructer you are by far the best! Every lesson was a laugh and you made me feel so comfortable! Thank you Jo!"

Jade, who passed in March 2013

"I'm so glad I passed my test, thank you so much Jo! I really enjoyed learning with you, the lessons were always fun and I think I can say that I'm a confident driver now, thanks to you!"

Johanna, who passed in February 2013

"Thank you so much Jo, you've been brilliant. I've really enjoyed learning with you!"

Sam, who passed in January 2013

"You have great methods of teaching and I loved how confident you were in my driving. You are lovely and funny and made my lessons fun but very instructive!"

Emilie, who passed in August 2012

"Thank you Jo without you I would not have got over my nerves."

Emma, who passed in April 2012

"A fantastic instructor! Thank you for everything. You're the best"

Mariola, who passed in April 2012

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jo for all her hard work and patience in teaching me I have had a few instructors in the past and Jo by far was the best at putting me at ease and making every lesson a productive one BIG THANKS JO YOU ROCK!! :-)"

Natalie, who passed in December 2011

"Jo is a brilliant instructor with a great sense of humour! After having issues with my previous driving instructor I went to Jo and I am so glad I did! I passed on Friday the 13th of May and it is all thanks to Jo, she listened to what I needed help with and made me feel confident and happy when driving again. I would recommend her to anyone and even my sister will be contacting her soon! There is one big reason why you should go with Jo; she is different to most other instructors as she allows you to drive and take control so you are driving as if she wasn't even there. Not only does she get you ready for the test, this way of teaching gets you ready for driving after you pass! Thank you Jo!"

Jess, who passed in May 2011

"Fantastic driving instructor made me feel relaxed from the start"

Gemma, who passed in February 2011

"Jo has built my confidence up so much and due to this I passed my test on the 20th November. Thankyou so much Jo you have made me really enjoy driving and you have been so supportive. I could not have passed without you, I enjoyed every lesson.You're an excellent teacher and so friendly I will definitely recommend JO! :) THANK-YOU ONCE AGAIN :)"

Charlotte, who passed in November 2010

"Hi Jo, I was so pleased to have passed. I must say that you are the best instructor I have had. The most important thing is that you encourage people a great deal to achieve their goal and do not put any pressure, which is the most important thing. You teaching methods are at a very high level and I would certainly recommend you to anyone as who wants to feel that freedom of going anywhere they want."

Ksenia, who passed in August 2010

"I would like to say I enjoyed your very relaxed and non-intrusive methods of instruction very much. I like that you showed a lot of confidence towards my driving and letting me get on with the driving whilst just observing quietly and pointing out any problematic areas now and again. Once again, thank you very much. It was a truly enjoyable process."

Andrew, who passed in June 2010