What do I need to do first?

If you're just about to turn 17, then your first port of call should be the DVLA website, where you can apply for your provisional licence. You can do this up to two months before your 17th birthday.

What happens on my first lesson?

At your first lesson, you will need to provide proof that you hold a provisional driving licence. You will also be asked to read a standard car numberplate from the statutory distance of 20.5 metres.

You'll then be shown through the controls of the car, and then you'll start your driving career by moving into the drivers' seat and practicing moving off and stopping!

Do you offer lessons on Automatic?

No, I only teach in a manual gearbox car

How will you help me learn?

I will create a learning programme which is tailored to suit your needs and requirements, supported with training materials and appropriate online resources. I can also give advice as to where to find the best information to compliment your practical learning.

Can I learn anything after my driving test?

There are several ways to continue learning after you've passed your driving test, to make you a safer driver, and to save you money on insurance. It can also be helpful to take a few refresher lessons every so often, especially if you haven't driven for an extended period of time, or if you've acquired a larger vehicle than you've been used to and want some pointers on parking and maneuvers. We've outlined a few options below:

Do you offer refresher lessons?

If you already hold a full licence but would like a few refresher lessons to polish up on parking or to get to grips with a different car or on busier roads, please contact us for details.

Do you offer motorway driving lessons?

If you are nervous about driving on multi-laned roads and motorways (you will not have been able to drive on a motorway before passing your test), contact us and we'll introduce you to motorway driving in a relaxed evironment and at your own pace, alternatively, Pass Plus (below) may be an option for you.

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a government initiative to improve driver skills, especially in the first year after passing your test (but can be taken any time). It involves six modules:

  1. In town
  2. In all weathers
  3. On rural roads
  4. At night
  5. On dual carriageways
  6. On motorways

These further modules are designed to touch on things you are unlikely to, or unable to learn when you are taking your standard driving test.
You can find out more information on the Pass Plus scheme from GOV.UK.

We are now able to offer Pass Plus at The Pass Lane, please see our prices page or contact us for full details.

What's the Institute of Advanced Motorists?

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) allow you to take extra supervised lessons, complete with a test at the end for around £140. Upon passing this many insurance companies will offer discounts on your insurance policy.

What's a Theory Test?

Before you're able to take your practical driving test, you have to take a theory test, which consists of a multiple choice section (now 50 questions, you must score over 43), and a video based 'hazard perception' test, both of which are taken on a computer. You will be told your result immediately after taking the test.

Several websites now provide practice questions, and even mock tests. Some of the best are RightDriver, 2Pass, Drive IQ, The DSA and Driving Test Success.

What does the Practical Test involve?

Once you've passed this, you have a period of 2 years within which to pass your practical test. This will be carried out at a local test centre by a driving examiner and will last between 35 and 40 minutes. Once you've passed the eyesight test you will be required to show you are able to drive safely and that you have a good understanding of the highway code. You will be required to perform one maneuver, and demonstrate independent decision making during the independent driving section of the test. You can find out more here.

The driving test format changed in 2010. The DSA provide details and a short video about the changes on the following link: DSA Driving test information

How do I book my test?

Avoid middlemen and extra charges, go directly to the Government website to book your theory test or to book your practical test

Where's my nearest test centre?

Click on the titles below to go straight to the DSA website for details on test availability, facilities provided, and test routes.

Herne Bay MPTC Driving Test Centre

Herne Bay MPTC
Alfira Business Park
Margate Road
Thanet Way
Herne Bay

Canterbury Driving Test Centre

25 New Dover Road

Folkestone Driving Test Centre

Palting House Trinity Road
CT20 2RH

How can I learn at home?

There are a wide variety of different resources you can use for learning about and practicing your driving skills, from books to DVDs to iPhone Apps and computer software, we've got a few ideas listed below:



Computer and Mobile Apps


Click on the links below to get some valuable revision resources you can print off at home

Web Links

How long has The Pass Lane been going?

The Pass Lane driving school was set up in December 2009 and started trading in January 2010 with the aim of becoming the best driving school in Thanet.

Where else can I find The Pass Lane?